Why We Do It

We've created a better mouse trap.

After working in digital media and information processing for the past 10 years, we at GystWorks, learned a great deal about success and failure in both industries, both through analytical observation and direct experience. We've also learned a great deal about the merge between these industries; often called "Rich Media" by the popular press. We've taken this learning and built a methodology and a company structure that solves some systemic problems faced by clients who desire innovation but can't afford the overhad of expensive research and development teams.

We're like the "Holmes on Homes" of the digital domain.

We saw a gap that was the source of a great deal of frustration and wasted resources in both the information processing and digital media industries -- clients who lack understanding and/or experience in the specialized areas of digital media and information processing are expected to acquire the specialized services of specific solutions developers.

Here's an analogy a home owner facing a problem with a wall in the house, and they must decide what kind of wall it is, what kind of problem it is, and then contact a specific contractor about fixing the wall. Now, some homeowners can do this, others can't. We've recognized a growing need for a "general contractor" who could help both knowledgeable and less than knowledgeable clients determine what they need, and who they need to do it. It's this "general contractor" idea that is missing from today's digital media ecosystem, and this is where GystWorks fits in.

We use the right tool for the job.

GystWorks is based on the general contractor model. Sometimes we do the work ourselves, or if the work requires the skills of a specialist, we pull in one of our members from our Consultant and Developer Network, who then complete the job at hand. Like a good general contractor, our leadership team stays involved every step of the way giving you the peace of mind that we are looking after your best interests. Our strength lies in the synergy of our diversity.