What We Do

We walk our talk.

The success of GystWorks revolves around the talent in our Consultant and Developer Network. Our collective knowledge is as good as any team that can be found from a larger company. Our leadership team oversees all work that GystWorks does and we keep a strong focus on seeing the "forest for the trees." Our network has grown through our direct experience with our consultants and developers who do the work. Heck! We are workers ourselves. We like to roll our sleeves up and participate in the trenches. All our leadership team has hands on experience with every level of implementation. This means we know how difficult or simple something is. If we don't know, we find out!

We're honest and upfront.

We've learned that no matter how much you want to, sometimes it isn't possible to fit everything into that project. Sometimes we have to tell our clients what they don't want to hear. We have learned that it is possible to do this respectfully, and at the same time, we work to make sure no one gets sold short.

We think and do, not just think, and not just do.

Our Network has thinkers and doers. We make them talk to each other to ensure that what is done is well thought out, and what is thought about is doable. Typically we get our thinkers on the project first. Then they work with the doers to make sure their thoughts are clear and on target. Then the doers take over and make what the thinkers thought become reality. Our process is an integrated one that errs on the side of inclusive of everyone, including our clients.

We do stuff like:

  • websites
  • e-Learning
  • serious games
  • enterprise information systems
  • eCommerce solutions
  • entertainment titles

We think about stuff like:

• Graphic Design
• Interactive Design & Game play
• Multimedia Production
• Industrial Design
• Branding & Marketing

• Usability & Functional Design
• Marketing
• Knowledge & Learning Management
• Conflict Resolution
• Negotiation

• Strategic Planning
• Technology Planning &Alignment
• Technology Assessment & Procurement
• Work-flow Analysis & Engineering
• Requirements Elicitation & Engineering
• System Implementation & Engineering
• Project Management

Individually, our leadership team members have experience in all of these areas above, with a tendency to specialize in one area in particular. The overlap in each other's specialties allows for clear communications within the team. At the same time, there is a strong respect for each individual as the "go to" person for a particular discipline.